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Cruel Beloved: A Hero Club Novel


Review By:Gwen Shafer

Can you say Yummy? I absolutely love Whiskey. Yes he is cocky but he is so much more than that. Carla Star is controlled by her father. She would do almost anything for him. She does far to much for him. There is a video tape that Whiskey is holding over Clara’s head. She must marry him and be married to him for a year or he will share the video tape with her father. This would not only destroy her but her father. She cant let that happen so she agrees. That is when things between these two get interesting. I absolutely loved watching these two try their hardest to not fall for each other. And let me tell you they try so hard. Whiskey can be cruel but at the same time can be a sweetheart. I absolutely loved how well written his character was. This was one amazing book that was enjoyable from beginning to end. Highly recommend reading this one. Another great addition to this series.

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