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Dark Descent (Darkhaven Saga #7)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

The Darkhaven Saga is one of my all time favorites. I have enjoyed the life of Ava Lopez since the beginning. Her life started off as a normal spirit-witch to where she is now, a hybrid-part witch, part vampire.

Dark Descent is full of emotion, action and darkness. Both the life of the vampires and the life of Ava are at risk.

Ava will do anything to protect the amulet and to discover more about the amulet. She is not sure what intentions of the amulet are with her. The more she harness power within the black onyx crystal in the amulet, the more control it takes over her actions and emotions.

Her friends want to destroy the amulet to protect Ava from losing herself and the ones around her.

The ending was UNEXPECTED.

I need Dark Power (Dakhaven Saga #8) now !!!

The journey of Ava Lopez is interesting with so many unexpected events happening in her life.

We need to appreciate the friends and family that care about us.

You will not be disappointed by the seventh installment to the Darkhaven Saga. A MUST READ for Young Adult, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy lovers.

A well written, and an easy to read, book.

Official release date: 23 February 2021– Preorder Now.

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