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Dark Power (Darkhaven Saga #8)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

Danielle Rose has done it again with Dark Power. I just love this world and all the secrets that is hidden inside of Darkhaven.

The journey of Ava Lopez continues …

She has discovered a cave filled with rogue vampires and their leader is someone she used to know many years ago. The person has changed so much and she wants to know the reason for his/her return to Darkhaven.

Ava has made an ally with a human. It is a first for Ava and so many things has happened recently.

An unexpected event has forced Ava to return to the cave with the rogues and she has to face their leader again. The leader has something Ava wants and he wants something from her.

Ava has to make some difficult decisions in the new installment in the Darkhaven Saga.

I cannot believe I just finished book 8. It is an awesome series to follow.

You will not be disappointed by the eighth installment to the Darkhaven Saga. A MUST READ for Young Adult, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy lovers.

A well written, and an easy to read, book.

Get your copy now.

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