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Dark Promise (Darkhaven Saga #3)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

I do not have words for this one. The story just gets better with each installment.

Ava faces more than one difficult decision that can change everything for her. Her best friend from childhood is missing, according to the witches. She doesn’t know if she can trust them, after all the rejections and hate.

One of the Vampires, that are part of her nest, made her do a DARK PROMISE. A Dark Promise that she needs to keep a secret.

Finding Liv can be the key to get the witches to trust her and the vampires. Looking for Liv will mean that she will be going against the wishes of her nest.

Ava accepted help from an unexpected visitor to Darkhaven.

The end will make you excited to read Dark Spell.

You will not be disappointed by the third installment to the Darkhaven Saga. A MUST READ for Young Adult, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy lovers.

A well written, and an easy to read, book.

Official release date: 14 April 2020 – Preorder Now.

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