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Dark Spell (Darkhaven Saga #4)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

Danielle Rose did an amazing work with the new installment to the Darkhaven Saga and it’s one of my favorite book series of the year. The story just gets better with each installment. As always I was hooked from the first chapter.

Ava Lopez believed that her former coven/family could change, and accept her for who she has become. They have set a trap for her to cast a Dark Spell that stripped her of her Vampirism side.

She has never felt this betrayed by her own blood. They did unforgivable things to her and she never thought that they were so cruel.

The Dark Spell leads to new hard decisions in Ava’s life.

What will the cost be in breaking the Dark Spell? Is the Dark Spell breakable?

Blood is not always thicker than water. The people close to you can give you more comfort than your own family.

I hope that the series will continue after the 5th Installment – Dark Curse (Release date – 27 October 2020).

You will not be disappointed by the fourth installment to the Darkhaven Saga. A MUST READ for Young Adult, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy lovers.

A well written, and an easy to read, book.

Official release date: 4 August 2020 – Preorder Now.

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