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First Impressions


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

A well written, funny and emotional novel. There are so many life lessons.

Harlow Hart is a strong independent woman, but sometimes she just need to relax and accept the help given to her.

Laiken Cash, known as just Cash, is rich and famous, but broken inside and is too stubborn to believe that anyone can save him.

Harlow and Cash met on a plane to New York. He moved her from Economy Class to Business Class. She confessed to him that she has no money and no luggage. She just took the first flight out to get away from her current situation.

Cash offered Harlow a place to stay for a month, but on his terms.

Cash has made a promise to himself and one of his family members. He will not allow himself to be happy before this person is happy.

Cash and Harlow grew closer everyday.

Can two broken people fall in love? Will it be too late to realize the truth?

A First Impression is very important; People can judge you by it. Rather get to know someone before you judge. There is always a reason why people act like they do.

Never push away the person that is close to you.

Official Release date: 19 March 2020

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