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I Dare You


Review By:Gwen Shafer

Misti is an amazing writer. I absolutely loved this one. Hayley is an actress. One night she does something that changes her whole life and not in a good way. She decides to go into hiding. When she finally decides to come out she changes her appearance and her first stop is a local bar. While there she literally runs into someone and touches something she probably shouldn’t. The guy that she runs into is a royal butthead to her.

During this time she is texting a stranger. One day a wrong number texted her for advice. She was a little bored so she answered back. Since then they have been exchanging messages. She asked that person for advice and goes back to the bar to say she is sorry. Things between her and butthead head start to change. They start to hang out more and more and become closer. But neither one realizes who the other one really is.

Once they find out will things between them change? Will they have the relationship they deserve? I absolutely love the chemistry between these two. You can easily see that these two could and would make a great couple if they let themselves be a couple. Great storyline with two great characters. I loved the additional mix of characters between her friends and his friends. I am hoping to get their stories. Misti is a great writer and she gained a fan. Highly recommend this one

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