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Insolent: A Dark Retelling


Review By:Gwen Shafer

I have to say this one was quite interesting. Intense, suspenseful, mind blowing, different, not a fairy tale I would want to be in. This is a dark and twisted take on Brave. It is the story of Moira and Sol. Moira is a girl that grew up in a wealthy family but not a great family. She did have issues living in this family. She wasn’t exactly happy. She was the only girl living with three brothers. The oldest brother being the one that hated her the most. She was abused, neglected and locked away. Until the night that a male is suppose to be picked for her to marry. But something happens that night that changes the rest of her life.

Sol is either the devil or an angel. He intervenes in her life and saves her from the evil confines of her family. But is he really saving her? Moira goes on quite the journey. She is torn with what she is now feeling.

This book has plenty of mystery, secrets and lies. This was an amazing retelling of the Fairy Tale Brave. This one is full of blood, gore and angst. Quite the read from beginning to end. A great addition to the series

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