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Keeping Denver


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This was different than what I have read from these two. But it was an amazing book from beginning to end. I could help but fall in love with the Denver. You cant help but feel for this girl. She is homeless with noone just wanting to make something of herself. One of her friends that she meets at the local library where she goes to try to find a job recommends her for a job at a lawyers office as an assistant. She goes and meets Francis and is immediately hired for the job. But once she meets her boss Callan she begins to regret the decision of taking on the job. But she fights to keep the job so that she can get her own place and get her life back. Her and Callan do not hit it off. But once Callan realizes what is going on with her things start to change. But what will happen when someone from the office sets her up to be a thief? Will Callan stay by her stand? For being something different from these two writers I absolutely love this one. It was heart wrenching, loving, touching, scary at times and had you feeling. I enjoyed every page turning moment in this one. I am hoping for more like this from these two. Highly recommend one clicking.

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