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Malia: A second chance romance


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This is the first book I have read by this writer and the first in this series. I was blown away. I absolutely loved this book. It has a great storyline, amazing plot and amazing characters. Hold on because Victoria takes you on quite the ride. I loved it also because it is a second chance romance book which is one of my favorite to read.
Reef and Dean were best friends for most of their lives. They lived next door to each other pretty much and their families were each others families. One of their other best friends ended up moving away and that is when Malia becomes a part of their life. She becomes their best friend. But both boys see more with her but both make a promise that she will remain a friend and nothing more. But we all know that is not going to happen.
Things happen and the bond is broken between these three Reef ends up moving away and doesnt speak to either one of them for a long time. Malia finds out somethings that are going on with Dean that scare her and she goes to Reef for help.But is he willing to forgive and forget and help her? Will the past become the past and these two will be able to move forward?
I absolutely loved Malia. She is a strong character. She goes through so much right from the get go yet keeps going no matter what is put in front of her. She doesnt let anything keep her down. I absolutely love the chemistry between her and Reef. You can easily see it and it is heartbreaking what she does to him in the beginning . But that is what makes this story amazing. I cant wait to read the rest in this series. Victoria has gained a fan of this series and these characters. I want to read more.

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