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Misadventures With A Twin


Review By:Gwen Shafer
Colton and Corey pretty much identical twin brothers attend their high school reunion. Colton runs into an old classmate Zara. Unfortunately Zara hated him in high school and had a crush on his brother Corey. Colton really believed that she knew that she was Colton. Until later on that night when he realizes that she believes that he is Corey. Now the game begins.
The brothers learn that their dad is selling the diner which has been in their family forever. It was owned by their mother and father before their mother passed away. The brothers don’t want him to sell it but understand that he needs too. But once they find out who he is thinking about selling it to makes this storyline even more interesting. Colton has to play the part of the understanding boyfriend for a while but the thing is he is actually enjoying spending time with Zara. Once he tells her the truth will he end up losing her? I absolutely loved the chemistry and banter between these two. This was a very interesting book to dive into. I loved the storyline and the characters. The banter between the brothers had me rolling with laughter at times. Very interesting to see what happens between Colton and Zara once he tells her the truth. I loved it and highly recommend reading it. Another great addition to the misadventures series.

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