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More Than A Bully: North Woods University Books 1-3


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This book set was the first dark bully romance I had the chance to read. Because of these three books I am now hooked.
The Bet is the first one. Wow.Just wow. I am lucky my kindle isn’t broken after reading this one. There was so many times I wanted to throw it. This book was literally amazing from beginning to end. I absolutely love these two writers together and these book shows off their talents perfectly. Remmy is there are so many bad words I could use for him. At the beginning I hate him so very much. The way he treats her I want to kick him. But then as you read the story you notice the changes he does go through thank god. She is dealing with so much to and just wanted her best friend back but slowly realizes that he isn’t the same person anymore. Everything these two go through is heart wrenching. But I love how well written it is and how strong they are facing everything. I love the chemistry between the characters and the amazing storyline. Another book blown out of the park from these two. Can’t wait to read more from this series. A great kickoff to what appears to be a great series.

The Dare is the second one. Ava just wants to be back with her mom and go to school. But life for her hasn’t been easy. Moving back with her mom it is going to get even worse. Why ? Vance. The one person who use to be her best friend but now wants to make her life miserable. He will do whatever it takes to make sure she is not happy. But little does he realize it wasn’t her fault. This book was amazing from beginning to end. Yes he does bully Ava but don’t think for one minute she doesn’t stay strong and try to fight back. I loved Ava and Vance together. Fighting or not these two have great chemistry. Another great book in this series.

The third one in this series is The Secret. This one there are so many words for this one. I was patiently waiting on this one because I just knew that it was going to be freaking amazing. I was so right. This one was off the charts excellent. These two together are amazing writers and this book proves that from beginning to end. The two characters in this one were a match made in haven. Just perfect for each other. There was so much emotion in this book. It was hard at times to get through because you could easily feel what Emerson was feeling. Something happened to Emerson when she was younger. She has lived with that and dealt with the after math. But she hasn’t dealt with it very well. She is scared and has isolated herself. Clark is not someone that should even get close to Emerson because of his lifestyle but there is something about her. He wants to protect her and bring her out of her shell. I absolutely loved these two working together. I loved the storyline and the chemistry. This was just an amazing book that I highly recommend one clicking.

Every single book was unique and enjoyable in it’s own way. I absolutely loved each and every one. I am now hooked on dark bully romance books. J.L Beck and C.Hallman are wonderful writers who bring out the characters in the book and the storyline. I highly recommend one clicking on this one

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