Book Review

Never Let Go


Review By:Gwen Shafer
I have been patiently waiting for this one. You first meet Cody when you read the first book. He is there when his best friend Chase has his accident. I fell in love with his character in that book and wanted his story. So glad that I finally got it. I absolutely loved his story. Cody is a character you can easily fall in love with. He goes through something no one should ever go through.
Now he is trying to get his life a little back together and ends up meeting Tatum a bar one night. These two instantly hit it off and you can see the sparks and chemistry between these two easily. I absolutely love how strong and in control Tatum is and how she doesn’t want to give up that control to Cody. But will Cody be able to work his magic and break through her walls? Will Tatum be able to prove to Cody that she is different and worth the risk? This was so well written and just an incredible storyline. I loved the chemistry and the fun moments between these two. So glad I finally for his story so worth the wait. Highly recommend

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