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New Release Book Review : Paradox


Review By:Gwen Shafer
I absolutely love C.A Harms. Her books are amazing and this one proves that. I am absolutely loving the Pearson sisters. Feisty, loud mouths, tell it like it is. Don’t take nothing from no one. Will stand up for themselves when needed and are there for one another. This one is about Janelle. She is the middle of the three sisters. She recently moved into a new house and her neighbor Shane is quite the neighbor. These two don’t hit it off. He is quite the jerk right from the beginning. I have to say I understand where he is coming from. Things between these two are tense for a while. Then something happens and he goes to her for comfort. That is when things change. But will it last? Shane is dealing with a lot but keeps that side of his life from Janelle until the day she ends up at his mother’s home for a makeover day. That is when things really change between them but again will it last? I absolutely love these two together. The push and pull right from the start. You can easily see these two have some strong chemistry but Shane has such a hard time with everything going on in his life. Will he left go of some of it to have that something special? One of my favorite parts of this book was when Shane interacted with Janelle’s niece that was a very sweet moment. Overall a very well written wonderful storyline. I cant wait to get the other two sister’s stories.

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