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New Release Book Review: Samson


Review By:Gwen Shafer

I loved this one. Samson is just a wonderful character. He was a 10 year old boy that fell in love with his babysitter. Little does he know that that dream might just come true for him as an adult. Camryn was there to keep Samson safe from the monsters when Samson was little. They grew up and grew apart. They run into each other at the hospital where she is not a doctor and Samson instantly has that feeling again. But it is not that easy this time. Camryn fights hard not to give into her feelings for Samson but once she finally does hold on because these two are steaming hot together. I absolutely love the chemistry these two have. But one fateful night after one phone call and a tragic death all that could be taken from them. Camryn loses someone important to her and feels guilt upon guilt. But no matter what Samson tries to be there for her no matter how much she pushes him away. Will these two be able to survive this? Very well written, amazing chemistry between Samson and Camryn, enjoyable storyline. I loved this one and cant wait to read the next one to see what happens with Tag.

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