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New Release Book Review: The Vice President


Review By:Gwen Shafer

Second book in this series. First book I have read in this series and by Addy. She has gained a fan. I fell in love with these characters so very easily. I fell in love with the storyline and how everything goes down in this one. I cant wait to read the other two in this series.

Hunt Vice President of the Rebel Rage MC once again is late picking up his daughter Raven from school. He gets there and she is nowhere to be found. He assumes right off the bat that she has been kidnapped. He finally finds her safe at her friend’s house. Her friend is her teacher’s daughter Peyton.

Peyton is feisty, stubborn, wont take his crap or anyone’s for that matter and holds a huge secret. Hunt takes them back to his clubhouse where things instantly heat up between him and Peyton. But Hunt afterwards questions who she really is because she knows more about bikers lingo and life than a normal person would. They come to find out that her secret will affect them all in a huge way.

Weeks later Peyton has another secret that she needs to share with Hunt and she ends up sending him a text message letting him know what is going on. He arrives to talk about what is going down between them when her brother also comes to visit. Of course things heat up and then other people arrive and end up putting Peyton in danger. Hunt decided to do what is best for her and takes her back to the clubhouse. Even more secrets are revealed at this time.

Will Hunt be able to keep Peyton safe? Will these two be able to work things out and become a couple? What will happen once the truth comes out about everything?

This was a gripping hook me book from beginning to end. Page turning mind blowing moments with twists and turns you don’t see coming. It was intense interesting gripping and downright enjoyable. I absolutely loved this one and cant wait to read the other two in this series. Addy has gained a fan of her writing. I am so glad that I took a chance on this book. Highly recommend if you enjoy a great MC with love, action, adventure , twists and turns thrown in.

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