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New Release Book Review: Venom (Sinister Fairy Tale)


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This is quite the fairy tale. A book that will grip you from the very beginning, hook you with each page until the very end. If you love fairy tales you will want to read this one. It will be the one you never saw coming.
This one is a retelling of the famous Neverland story. Dee twists this one up and has you hooked wanting more. You will never see the story of Hook, Tink and Pan the same after reading this version. Dee turns everything completely around and has you turning page after page wanting to know what is going to happen next between these three.

Tink and Pan aren’t suppose to be together. But neither one of them care what they are suppose to be or not suppose to be. Tink loves Pan even if she isn’t suppose too. But one day Pan breaks her when he does the unthinkable.

Tink suffers in silence for days because of Pan. Then she is suppose to be taking care of a little girl for her friend but because of her suffering and worrying about only herself something happens. She ends up taking matters into her own hands to get away from everyone, everything and the pain of Pan.

Hook ends up coming to save her . But what he does ends up being maybe not the right thing because once Tink realizes what he has done she is not at all happy with him. Will she realize why he did what he did? Will Tink realize the truth about Hook and how he feels about her? Once she learns the whole truth about her life what is going to happen to her world.

This book is full of suspense, twists, turns, and mind blowing moments. Not the fairy tale I remember reading as a kid. I absolutely love the twist that Dee puts on this storyline. It is not only unique but blows this storyline out of the water. This is the dark and twisted version that is a must read for fairy tale lovers.

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