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No Touch Zone (Saints of Love Book 2)


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This was an enjoyable sports romance read. I love how Elizabeth writes her books. Her characters are always so interesting and her storylines are always so well told. This one is about Jude and Willow. These two have had a love hate relationship with each other for a long time. Willow is Jude’s best friend’s little sister. Technically she should be off limits. But one night when they get caught together in a snow storm changes everything. But will Willow give him a chance to prove that he is not the man that she thinks that he is? I absolutely loved every single part of this book with the 20 ladies that Jude takes care of. These older woman are so funny. I was rolling on the floor laughing during these parts of the book. Including them as part of the storyline was genius. I absolutely loved every single one of them and what happens with them. I love the chemistry between Jude and Willow. It is off the charts hot and unique. Even when Willow dislikes him you can easily see that she has feelings for him. This was a unique storyline that was enjoyable from beginning to end. I loved it and highly recommend it.

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