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Play Me


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This was enjoyable. It was a little rough to get through at first. There is a subject matter in this one that touched home with me. But I absolutely loved how these two authors wrote this incredible storyline. Something happens to Quinn when she is on the way home from a party that will forever change her life. She decides to take her life back and ends up at the club ran by Joshua. She reached out to him for help. She feels it will help her with what happened to her in the past. But little to either one of these know that this is going to bring them closer together. I absolutely loved Quinn. Her character is so well written. She is so strong through everything. The chemistry between her and Joshua is off the charts hot. I absolutely love how understanding he is. I will say there is a very shocking moment in this one. You will be blown away when you get to that point in the book. But another great book on this series.

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