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Provoke You (Cole Brothers #2)


Review By:Gwen Shafer

Another great book from Diana. I absolutely love her writing. This one is about Ela and Matt. Ela is what some would call a spoiled brat. She is the heir to a large fortune. But her true love is the one thing that she wants the hotel that her grandmother left her the Baroness. But her father has other plans for her. One night she decides to go out and have some fun. She ends up hand cuffed to Matt who is in town to get a job as head of security having an interview with her father.
Things change when Ela needs to leave town. Matt is guaranteed the job if he takes her to Paris and protects her a little while. But things don’t work out that way. Because they soon learn that her life is in danger. Matt and Ela end up going to a safe house where feelings get out of control between them. Will they figure out what is going on ? Will Matt be able to keep her safe? Will these two have a happy ever after? I absolutely loved the chemistry between these two. You can easily see that there is something between them. A great storyline and great characters. I enjoyed this one and want more from the Cole brothers.

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