Book Review

Roping Your Heart


Review By:Gwen Shafer

I absolutely love friends to lovers storylines. For some reason these type of storylines make the heart melt. Alex and Lia have been friends since they were little. Literally these two have been best friends. But she went away to school and they grew somewhat apart. But the friendship was always there. But Alex wanted more. Lia is now back in town for good. Will this be the time for these two? I absolutely love the chemistry between these two. You can easily see how well they get along with each other and can easily see the friendship turn into something more when they let it. But will his stubborn pride destroy what they are trying to build? This storyline had some heart wrenching moments. At one point I wanted to throw my kindle across the room. But it made for an excellent plot in the storyline. I loved this one. I loved Alex and Lia and getting to read their story. Fabiola once again did an amazing job writing this one. It had two great characters and a great storyline. A great addition to this series. Highly recommend.

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