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Rule Play


Review By:Gwen Shafer
Elizabeth knows how to write a book that will draw you in, keep you hooked and hanging on the edge until the end. I absolutely loved this one. It has been a little while since I have read a book from Elizabeth glad to be able to read this one. Adrian is a star football player but he doesn’t date, doesn’t do relationships. Mia is having a rough go of it. She ran into her ex-fiance and his new girlfriend who is her enemy from high school. She decides to lie about who her boyfriend is. Problem is there is no way that the lie can become reality. But are things going to finally change for Mia?
She will do whatever it takes to find out if Adrian will date her but things just don’t go her way. But things start to turn around when Adrian needs her to pretend to be his girlfriend to boost his sales. That is when things between these two really start to heat up. But will it work out for these two in the end? I absolutely love the chemistry between these two. Off the charts hot. The foreplay or banter between these two is funny at times and you can easily see that these two belong together. But will they be able to see it? Elizabeth wrote another amazing book that I couldn’t put down. Absolutely loved the storyline and the characters. Highly recommend.

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