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Review By:Gwen Shafer

I absolutely love HJ and her books. It has been a little bit since she has released one. But she came back swinging with this one. WOW. This one is off the charts amazing from beginning to end. Have tissues because you will need them. Frankie has been through so very much. More than any one person should have to go through. Then she loses the one person that she could trust and was there for her. Now she is on her own dealing with everything from her past. Except for her past is coming back to get her. But she takes matters into her own hands. Dalton sees her and knows that she is hiding something and that there is something going on with her. He wants so badly to help her but Frankie has to let him in first which is not easy for her. This was quite the storyline from the beginning to the end. I wanted to cry when Frankie leaves. I understood why she did it but it was still heartbreaking. But HJ in her wonderful way put you back together. It is impossible to clearly describe this book it is one that you just have to read for yourself. I highly recommend one clicking this one and reading about Frankie and Dalton.

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