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Review By:Gwen Shafer

We meet Mia and Scooter (Ryan) in the previous book. Ryan is the one that rescues her. Mia trusts him more than she trusts anyone. She ends up coming back to the clubhouse with him so that she can start to heal. But things aren’t so easy. This storyline was absolutely amazing. These two together have such amazing chemistry. The way that Ryan is with Mia is the way that any guy should be with the girl he loves. Marie did an amazing job writing this storyline. You can easily feel what these two are feeling at any given time. But will these two get the happy ever after? Mia is a strong character that is very well written. I enjoyed watching her move on from what happened to her and be able to feel with Ryan. Ryan is the boyfriend that everyone wants. Someone that understands and will be there to help with the healing. He was never pushy and always understanding. Just one amazing storyline with two amazing characters who you absolutely fall in love with. I loved this one and highly recommend reading it.

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