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Review By:Gwen Shafer

WOW. This book was heart breaking, emotional and just everything you want in one amazing book. You would think tattoo romance and think hard core. But no this is a touching emotional heart wrenching lovable storyline with two amazing characters who touch your soul. MV is an amazing writer who can pull you into the storyline with amazing characters and a plot that will have you emotional from the beginning. I absolutely loved this one from beginning to end. The ending had me in tears fair warning. Spider is working at his shop when his next clients come in. Something is off when he sees them he just cant seem to figure out what it is. But he knows that something isn’t right. His client is Emi and her boyfriend Tommy. Tommy is not a nice person at all. This is what starts the book off with a boom. Because what happens next in the shop changes both Spider and Emi’s life.

Emi is dealing with everything that has happened. She runs into Spider one night at a bar and plays it off. But she does decide to give him a chance and gives him a call. Things between them are instant. You can easily see there is chemistry between these two. But Emi feels as if she is damaged and doesn’t deserve any attention from someone like Spider. Something tragic happens in Spider’s life that again changes him. Will these two be able to heal each other? Or will what is happening in their life pull them apart?

Just absolute amazing storyline. I loved the chemistry between Spider and Emi and everything that he does to prove to her that there is something between them. I absolutely loved their actual first date. I need a man that will do something like that in my life. Spider screws up many times but when he realizes he screws up he does whatever it takes to fix it and I absolutely love what he does to fix things. Just one amazing book. Have tissues because you will need them on hand. Highly recommend reading this one.

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