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Thank you, Chlamydia


Review By:Gwen Shafer

I was on the edge of my seating, rowing on the floor with laughter, crying with tears from laughing so hard. This book was off the charts freaking amazing. There was so many moments in this one where you couldn’t help but laugh, want to punch someone and cheered someone on. K.A Berg wrote one amazing storyline with this one.
Danielle learns the absolutely worst thing that she could the day of her wedding. But she handles it so very well. I literally but down my kindle and wanted to clap when I read what she did. The next day her now ex – fiancee tries to fix it. Nope not going to happen and Danielle lets him know that in the nicest way she knows how. Ladies I absolutely love how she does it. To make herself feel better she ends up at a bar. This bar has what is going to be someone that is going to change her life.

Mr.Sexy (aka Ryan) offers Danielle revenge sex. Which is maybe just what she needs. But the problem becomes days later she thinks she gets an STD from Ryan. But ladies hold on because this is where it gets freaking funny. I absolutely loved this part of the storyline when Danielle confronts Ryan regarding this. This is what starts their friendship that should be so much more.

I absolutely love the chemistry between Danielle and Ryan. The love hate relationship these two have that grows into something more if they would just let it. But is Ryan willing to look past what everyone is throwing out at him? Is Danielle willing to believe that not everyone is like her ex?

Hooked me from the beginning and had me on the edge of my seat until the end. I absolutely loved how well written these two characters were and how well written these storyline was. It was a great book that I highly recommend. Need a book to make you laugh out loud and cry with tears of joy. Ladies this is the one.

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