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Review By:Gwen Shafer

Not only was this one funny but this one was heart warming. I absolutely loved reading this one. I loved the friendship between Lizzie and Aiden. I loved how no matter what these two are there for each other. But then things start to change. Lizzie and Aiden have been friends forever. Lizzie has been going on blind dates left and right. Ever single date seems to end badly. Then her neighbor Edna tells her to stop with the app dating and go out in public and try to meet someone. So that is what Lizzie does. Little does she know Aiden is trying his hardest to make her realize what is right in front of her. There is such great chemistry between these two. I absolutely love the banter and how well these two get along. There was tender moments, funny moments and just some jaw dropping moments. I absolutely loved this one and would highly recommend it. Ladies unfortunately this happens to all of us in real life at one time or another. We can all easily relate to this book and these characters. That is why I loved this book so much

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