Book Review

The Daddy Dilemma


Review By:Gwen Shafer

I absolutely love Brandon and Reese. These two absolutely hate each other. Reese thinks he is a low life slob and Brandon thinks she is a “B” itch he goes so far as to call her the “ice queen”. These two just cant seem to get along. But then the guys perform a make over on Brandon and clean up his life and his way of thinking. So when Reese sees him again things change a little for her . Enough that they end up having quite the night. Surprise Reese ends up pregnant. Will Reese and Brandon be able to put the past behind them and be together for their baby? Will they realize how well they actually are together? I loved this one. Shows that you cant always base your opinion on your first impression. Amazing characters with some great chemistry. Enemies to lovers storyline that turned out perfectly. Highly recommend.

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