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The Fake


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This is the first book that I have read from Rebecca. She gained a fan and I will be reading the rest in this series. Nathan is a great basketball player who makes a mistake trying to help his family. He ends up at a party for the school that he has to go to and sees a girl wearing a red dress all alone. Chloe had to move to this school to start over and be able to do what she loves. She meets Nathan and the two of them sort of hit it off. Chloe isn’t making friends very well and everyone seems to love Nathan. So Chloe begs Nathan to pretend to be her boyfriend. But is Nathan really pretending? Will his past come back to haunt him and tear Chloe away from ? I absolutely loved the chemistry between these two. This was a great storyline, well written, gripping, funny at times, emotional at times. I loved each page turning minute of this book. Chloe and Nathan are quite the couple. I cant wait to read more from Rebecca

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