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The Mother-in-Law


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I love Kiersten and her writing. Her books have always been interesting to me. This one blew all of the other ones out of the water. Now I know exactly why I never want a mother in law. This book was gripping from beginning to the very end. The ending lord it is still in my head. I cant get away from the ending of this book. I feel like there should be more to this ending. But I know that there isn’t. That is how Kiersten leaves you wanting more.
There was so many twists and turns in this one. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. I had to know what was going to happen to these characters and why. The plot was out of this water intense, gripping, and thriller. The characters have you holding on to your breath to see what they are going to do, how they are going to react to things and what is going to happen to them. Each page turning moment has you holding on to see where the storyline is going to take you next.
Loren is a single mom just trying to raise her daughter and live life. She ends up running into what she believes is a nice guy. They instantly hit it off and end up on a whirlwind romance. Jack is a nice guy but there is something strange about his mother. But neither him or Loren realize exactly what is wrong with her. Shortly after they get married Jack loses his father and because his mother isn’t doing well he has her move in with them. That is when things become tense and thrilling. Hold on because you are going on quite the intense thrilling nonstop breath taking page turning ride from this moment until the very last word of this book. Moving in his mother will forever change their lives.
If anyone asked me if there was one book to recommend reading from Kiersten it would be this one. This is an absolute must read. I guarantee you will not regret reading this one.

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