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The Rossi Brothers: Dark Mafia Romance Duet


Review By:Gwen Shafer

Two amazing books put together for your reading enjoyment.
Protect Me:
Hold on because these two writers take you on quite the ride in this book. Keria loses the only person in her life. She doesn’t know how to deal with that. She goes to the one person that she was told to go to Damon. But Damon is not the person she believes him to be. Her life is in danger will he be able to keep her safe? What exactly will happen between Keria and Damon? I loved this one. Intense gripping shocking. So well written. These two together are absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to read the next one.
Keep Me:
This series keeps getting better and better. This is the third one in this series and oh my god I have to say the best one so far. This one is about Xander and Ella.Ella is a very innocent girl who is searching for her sister Violet. But in the process she is kidnapped. Xander finds her and things escalate from there. That is when this book jumps to intense. I absolutely love what is going on between these two. Ella has no idea what she is dealing with when it comes to Xander. Will he be her savior or the devil? I was holding on to the end of my seat through this whole book. Balancing Xander who is rough controlling but wants to feel with Ella who is sweet innocent and wants to love Xander. I was torn emotional through this book. But I loved every single minute of it. It is a must read. These two did an amazing job writing this one. Love these two together.
This is one amazing series. I absolutely loved each book. The characters in each one were unique and enjoyable to read about. Highly recommend.

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