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The Rule


Review By:Gwen Shafer

First book I have had the chance to read from Maggie. She gained a fan with this one. I will be reading more from her. This one is full of some suspense, hotness, steamy sex, great storyline and amazing characters. Everything you want in a great book. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. This storyline was not only interesting but at some points intense with where it was going. Liv runs quite the PR firm. She is great at what she does and knows how to please a client. She has one rule and one rule only when it comes to her job. Never sleep with a client. But that rule is about to be questioned when her client is hot, sexy, charming Tom. A sexy basketball player that she would love to get to know better in more ways than one. He takes her to Colorado on a so called business trip to talk about all of his businesses and other things regarding this life that she will be working with. These two instantly hit it off and Liv questions the one rule in her work life. Is she willing to break that rule for the perfect guy? Will Tom’s past come back to haunt him and Liv and end up tearing them apart? What a great storyline and amazing characters. I absolutely loved the backstory that Tom has and have he deals with what he is facing and trying to keep Liv safe from his past. Amazing hot off the charts chemistry between these two. I enjoyed reading this one and will be reading more from this series. Maggie has gained a fan with this one

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