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The Saint (Haven Grace Prep #2)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

Kelsey didn’t disappoint with the second installment to the Haven Grace Prep Series.

We are still part of Grayson and Savannah’s life. This time we look deeper into the life of Knox, one of Grayson’s friends, and Delaney, Savannah’s best friend.

Delaney has a twin sister and is exactly the opposite of her sister. Delaney is the one who keeps herself out of trouble, but things can change anytime. Falling in love, with the guy everyone warned her against.

Knox has a way to keep himself in trouble and doesn’t want Delaney to be part of the mess he got himself into. He can’t keep himself away from her and always want to protect her. They are from two different worlds.

Delaney has all the expensive things in life and Knox doesn’t have everything his heart desires, but doesn’t stand in the way.

Can a bad boy and an innocent angel be together? Read the Saint to find out.

It is a well-written book. Again, I was hooked from the first chapter. Kelsey Clayton is an amazing author and I will definitely recommend her to anyone that loves Bully Romance or High School Romance.

It is a MUST READ.

Official release date: 23 April 2020 – Preorder Now.

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