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Review By:Gwen Shafer

I absolutely love Bully Romances. This is on the top of my list for favorites. There was just something about this one that hooked me from the beginning until the end. There is a lot of emotion and angry in this one. Tracy did such a great job writing this one. Two amazing characters who have their own separate story to tell but yet quite the story once they are together. Amalie has been dealt a very rough blow to her life. She comes to a new school to start her life over living with her grandmother. She instantly finds that people at this school don’t like her and one boy hates her and she doesn’t understand why. He will literally do anything to hurt her. But she doesn’t understand why he is making her life a living hell. Jake Thorn king of the school. Star football player, sexy, everyone’s friend. But not to Amalie. He cant stand her. But things start to change. Once they start to change hold on because that is when this storyline blows you out of the water. Intense, interesting, and downright gripping. I absolutely loved the chemistry between Jake and Amalie once they figure out what is going on. This was well written, intense, interesting and gripping. I was hooked with this storyline. Another great bully romance. Absolutely loved. Highly recommend reading this one.

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