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Tug (Cererbus MC #10)


Review By:Gwen Shafer
Wow what an emotional book. I normally don’t enjoy male with male books. But Marie James changed my opinion with this one. Max and Tug have been friends since they were young. They experienced many things together. They Tug ended up doing what was best for him and left Max behind. Many many years later they end up meeting again. But Tug doesn’t realize at first who it is. They are together at a special place with Jasmine experimenting. What a trip these three go on. I absolutely love these three together. But once Tug figures out who Max really is and what is going on will everything stay the same between them? This was a mind blowing storyline. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. These three together have off the charts chemistry and you can easily see that they belong together. I absolutely love how they fight for each other no matter what anyone says or does. Marie James wrote another amazing book

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