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Unravel You (Cole Brothers #1)


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This is the first book that I have read from this writer. It was enjoyable from beginning to end. Valentina is starting a new life with what seems to be the man of her dreams Derek. These two meet because she works for him. After only a month Derek asks her to marry him. But things between them are not what they seem and things are going to get even more complicated when they go to Atlanta. Will they still get married?
Once they get to Atlanta Valentina meets Derek’s mom who does not really like it nor does she seem like she wants to make things easy for her. The neighbor Ana seems to be the one that Derek’s mother wants him to marry. But things are not what they seem no matter how you look at things. Something is going on in Atlanta that no one can figure out until it is to late. Will Valentina be safe from her past? Will Derek be able to keep Valentina happy? What is going to happen between these two? I absolutely love the chemistry between these two. It is off the charts off. I love seeing these two together and fighting to be together. There is just something so strong between them. I absolutely love the little twist that Diana throws in when it comes to Valentina’s past and Derek’s past and how they come together.
This was a great book from beginning to end. Two amazing characters that you cant help but love. Highly recommend reading this one. I cant wait to read the rest in this series. Absolutely love the characters. Diana gained a fan.

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