Book Review

Waking Up In Vegas


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This was enjoyable from beginning to end. Two people who are friends and have been forever. One gets on the other person’s nerves but they are still friends. They end up in Vegas for Brody’s birthday and because Wren is not old enough she cant go to the clubs and do some of the stuff that everyone else is doing. So she takes it upon herself to do what she wants. But Brody finds out about a guy that she is hanging around with and doesn’t like it. So Brody decides to ditch the other guys and hang out with Wren. But that is when things between these two start to change.
One night of drinking to much changes their whole life. But will it be for the good or the bad? Sweet enjoyable storyline between these two as they figure out what is between them once they come back from Vegas and face the truth about what is going on. I loved the chemistry and the banter between these two. These was a great storyline with enjoyable characters. It has me wanting to read more from this writer

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