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Waste My Time (North Haven University #4)


Review By:Hendrik van den Bergh

The North Haven University series has been one incredible journey. Waste My Time is a perfect ending to one great series. Everything started in the Haven Grace Prep series and the cross-over to the North Haven University series was exactly what we needed. 
Easton Donovan has broken the trust of the girl he wanted to be with and he is not sure if she will ever forgive him, He is willing to fight got her, but he feels that she is better off without him. 
Kennedy Lehigh is not sure if Easton will ever change. He keeps on disappointing her with his choices. It is difficult for her to ignore him because they have the same friends. 
The unexpected happened and that could be the key to recover their relationship.
Waste My Time is the fourth installment in the NHU series and the last. Kelsey created the best characters and I believe we all can relate to maybe one of them. 
I honestly love the whole series and the previous series, Haven Grace Prep. 
It is a well-written book. I was hooked from the first chapter.
You can read Waste My Time as a standalone.
Kelsey Clayton is an amazing author and I will recommend her to anyone that loves Contemporary Romance. If you love A Best Friend’s Brother Romance, this is the book for you. 
It is a MUST READ.

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