Book Review

Wonder With Me


Review By:Gwen Shafer

This is the first one that I have read from Kristen and the first one in this series. I absolutely loved it. It was a great storyline from beginning to end. Single dad trying to make his daughter’s first Christmas with him one she will never forget. So he moves her into a new house and asks the number 1 decorator to decorate the house for him. Little does he know that there is more in store for him and that decorator. Noel is a wonderful decorator. She is amazing at her job and absolutely loves what she does. But she doesn’t date her clients. But once she starts working and hanging out with Reed and his daughter they both work their way into her heart. Will these three get a happy ever after? I absolutely loved this storyline with these amazing characters. I loved Reed and Noel. I cant wait to read more from this series and from Kristen.

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